The RealOpen process

Our expert-designed process lowers your risk and produces strong all-cash offers.

  1. Find your house

    Work with our agents or on your own to find your dream house. Whether it's on the market or not, RealOpen will facilitate your offer.

  2. Verify your crypto assets

    Link your wallet with RealOpen so we can prove that you have access to the funds necessary for the purchase.

    Without RealOpen, you must liquidate your crypto now to get a proof-of-funds letter from the bank.

    This forces you to hold uninvested cash and triggers a tax event (whether your offer is accepted or not).

  3. Submit your all-crypto offer

    Work with your RealOpen agent to finalize contingencies, terms, and timing.

  4. A RealOpen agent presents the seller with an all-cash offer

    We translate between an all-crypto and all-cash offer under the hood to make your offer one of the strongest on the market.

  5. Enter escrow or walk away risk-free

    If your offer is accepted, we convert just enough crypto for your good faith deposit.

  6. Only sell the required crypto on closing day

    Immediately prior to closing, we convert the remaining sum of your offer from crypto into cash.

    All client orders are processed 24/7 by our institutional OTC desk with access to deep pools of liquidity.

    RealOpen defers your taxable event until closing is guaranteed.