Move digital assets directly into real estate

You can't live in an NFT. But buying a home with crypto used to be risky and expensive. Not anymore. With RealOpen you present a strong, all-cash offer...but you don't cash out until closing. We handle all of the details for you.

Don't fear taxes or bidding wars

Without RealOpen you'll have to sell your crypto before even making an offer to prove you have the funds. With RealOpen, you can keep your assets in crypto until closing. Don't get stuck with uninvested cash or a high tax bill...and worst case no house.

Make an offer that's stronger than cash

Cash offers come with a bank statement as proof-of-funds—and that's just a snapshot in time. Your RealOpen proof-of-funds letter includes a link to your RealOpen Offer Score™: a real-time asset analysis, available for the seller to view throughout the escrow period.

A modern concierge experience

Real estate and crypto are confusing. Our expert agents work with you to find the right property and guide you through every step of your offer and purchase.

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Frequently asked questions

What about crypto volatility?

Volatility is the first question most buyers and sellers ask about crypto-based offers. RealOpen offers are seldom affected by price movements in crypto due to their efficient and quick time-to-close of 7 days on average.

We do advanced analysis of crypto markets and buyers' mix of holdings to tell both buyers and sellers how safe an offer is from price movements. If a buyer doesn’t hold enough crypto to be protected, we tell the seller up-front. Likewise, if the buyer holds enough as a buffer for nearly all possible price movements, we present this to both parties as well.

In the unlikely event that market movements render the buyer unable to complete a purchase, the seller by default retains 3% of the offer price in earnest money. Due to our efficient timeline, the property returns to the market quickly, usually within seven days of the initial offer.

What if I'm paying with borrowed crypto?

RealOpen’s platform is entirely neutral to your source of crypto funds, whether directly held or financed.

Why can't I just sell my crypto and pay in cash?

You absolutely can do this, but without a guarantee of the final sale price, or if your offer will even be accepted, you incur an incredibly high risk here, as well as legal complexity.

Without RealOpen, you must sell enough of your crypto to cover the full purchase price to get a proof-of-funds letter from a traditional institution. This means exiting crypto market participation before even placing an offer. We leverage the cryptographic security of the blockchain to verify these funds without closing your positions.

Once you sell your assets, you lose crypto market participation and crystallize taxable capital gains that cannot be undone. RealOpen lets you defer this event until closing is guaranteed, whereas you might otherwise be stuck with uninvested cash and a high tax liability—yet no house.

As an added convenience, RealOpen coordinates all aspects of the transaction for you, from crypto to closing. You'll also avoid paying any crypto trading fees and benefit from our institutional OTC desk order execution.

What if the seller walks?

If the seller exits the deal for any reason not explicitly stated in the offer or contingencies, the 3% earnest money is returned to the buyer.

What if the buyer walks?

If the buyer exits or is unable to continue with the deal for any reason not explicitly stated in the offer or contingencies, the 3% earnest money remains with the seller.

How do we know buyers' funds are legitimate and legal?

Along with our highly-regulated institutional partners, we help navigate KYC/AML requirements in full compliance with all applicable regulations. Transactions are completed without risk.

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