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New Options for Buying Real Estate with Crypto

Johnny Schiro

Johnny Schiro

RealOpen SVP, Business Development

Home home purchased with bitcoin
Buying a home with Bitcoin is getting better

Here at RealOpen, we've built a reputation for first-class fiat withdrawal express lanes - making crypto-to-real estate transactions fast, efficient, and seamlessly intuitive. Exciting news: those express lanes just got wider!

Today, in direct response to feedback and requests from our community, we’re thrilled to introduce two new options for funding real estate purchases with cryptocurrency: Limit and Based.

These new pathways are designed directly from your feedback, meant to reduce friction and uncertainty in crypto-to-real estate transactions. Swapping your crypto assets for real estate shouldn't be difficult, restrictive, or with these new options, we're handing you more control, more certainty, and more flexibility.

Our New Funding Options

Our beloved On-Demand option remains available, still offering lightning-quick transaction times with prime pricing—from wallet-to-wire in an hour or less. Here’s a closer look at the new lanes:


Define your own price with our new Limit option. This fee-free service lets you establish a selling price that aligns with your financial strategy, offering precision and protection against market volatility.


For those who prefer a more familiar trading setup, our Based option links your conversion rate to the real-time price on Coinbase at the moment your transfer is confirmed on the blockchain. This method provides the comfort and familiarity of conventional pricing with the added benefit of an off-exchange completion. This convenience is offered for a minimal 1% fee.

These new options were developed to give you more control over how and when you convert your crypto assets into real estate investments. They reflect our commitment to enhancing your experience and expanding your possibilities in the real estate market.

Why RealOpen?

Buy Any Home with Crypto: With RealOpen, you're not limited to crypto-friendly listings. Our service empowers you to purchase any home on the market as a cash buyer. This freedom dramatically widens your options and simplifies transactions.

No Withdrawal Limits: Skip the frustrations of withdrawal caps you’d face on public exchanges. Our seamless process means you can move the large sums necessary for real estate without the bottlenecks, stop signs, or exorbitant offramp fees.

No Slippage: Our prime brokerage services can save you 5-10% versus selling solo on a public exchange. Leverage a single-fill, off-market transaction and keep more money in your pocket.

Ready to merge into the crypto-real estate express lane? Create a RealOpen account today.

RealOpen - buy any home with crypto.

Johnny Schiro is RealOpen’s SVP of Business Development as well as the Broker/Owner of Icon Real Estate - an independent real estate brokerage in Houston, Texas.

Last updated 05/06/2024

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