Buy any home with crypto

  • No more searching for "crypto-friendly sellers"
  • Never cash out before closing
  • Don't fear crypto volatility
  • Save up to 5% on the purchase price
  • Present an all-cash offer—or even stronger

How it works

Buying with RealOpen is fast, simple, and painless.

Create a RealOpen account

Connect your wallets

Verify your identity

Use RealScore™ to evaluate your buying power

Find a home

Work with a RealOpen partner agent (or your own) to find your perfect property.

Make the offer

Negotiate and execute a cash purchase contract, using your RealScore™ report as proof of funds.

RealScore bridges the gap

Avoid the risk of the crypto markets with our advanced volatility analysis, letting sellers and buyers know when an offer is strong without showing your hand.



by RealOpen

This offer is extremely unlikely to be affected by volatility.

RealScores are calculated using a combination of:

Diversified portfolio of coins

Holdings in excess of offer

Additional assets as collateral

7-day closing minimizes risk


Downside volatility in crypto values larger than any in the past 3 years would be required to jeopardize this offer.

Close the deal

Institutional-grade order execution without institutional hassles

  • Closing day

    Day-of, you fund the purchase via blockchain by sending the crypto to RealOpen.

    The total amount is determined by your cash-to-close on the closing statement, so you don't end up selling too much.

    The taxable event is delayed all the way to closing day.

  • Private Trade Execution

    We handle the exchange via our institutional OTC desk, in a single trade, at better-than-public pricing. There is no slippage or limit.

    Compliant individuals and entities can pass KYC within minutes. Access unlimited liquidity without any withdrawal delays or limits.

    Depending on your purchase price, you'll save between 2% and 5% versus making this trade on your own. And, all trades are executed as private, party-to-party trades off of public exchanges.

  • Finalize transaction

    We transmit your fiat funds to the closing office via wire.

Getting ready to buy with RealOpen

You just need to complete two simple steps to prepare for a RealOpen purchase—both can be handled easily on our buyer dashboard.

Link your wallets and digital assets

Connect your crypto wallets or manually enter your portfolio info. We'll contact you for verification of ownership, and we'll use the asset information to generate your proof of funds via RealScore.

Verify your identity

Just like you've likely done with any exchange accounts, you'll just need to complete our simple and painless KYC process.