Make every seller crypto-friendly

Buy any home on the market—and pay with crypto

RealOpen is a buyer-side service, so doesn't matter if the seller is willing to accept crypto. We convert your digital assets to fiat cash—via our prime OTC trading desk—en route to escrow.

RealOpen Flow

Be a preferred buyer for every home seller

With RealOpen you're a cash buyer in the eyes of any seller…whether you're paying with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, or any other marketable cryptocurrency. Since you'll present as a cash buyer, the transaction is simple—no custom contracts and no haggling over trade timing or volatility.

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Leverage our prime trading desk

Get better-than-public pricing with zero price slippage—and rescue more than 5% of your crypto value

Our prime trading desk offers you an extreme advantage over selling on a public exchange. Your crypto-to-fiat swap is executed off-market and off-chain, in a single fill, at a single preferred strike price.

RealOpen Flow

How it works

The crypto transfer

On closing day, we'll send you transfer instructions, including a destination wallet address and a required amount of your preferred crypto to send (based on your cash-to-close from the real estate settlement statement.)

You initiate a crypto transfer to RealOpen.

You send a crypto transfer

The trade

Upon receipt of your crypto transfer we'll trade it for fiat via our prime OTC trading desk. The trade is executed in a single fill at the price specified in your instructions (#1 above.) No slippage, no matter how large the transaction.

RealOpen converts your crypto to fiat via our prime OTC trade desk

The funding wire

With your assets converted to fiat currency, we're ready to fund your real estate purchase. Funds are sent via wire to the escrow/closing office, completing your transaction.

You get the keys.

The entire process takes a few hours from your initial crypto trade to escrow's confirmation of wire receipt.

RealOpen sending a fiat wire to fund the real estate purchase

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